wedding documentation

Are you engaged ? excited to be married and in need for someone easy going to create  natural, artistic imagery of your wedding celebration?

As a quite guests, from the inside out, I will capture the flow of your day. Small details as well as an overall story of your entire wedding day.  From “getting ready” to the “first dance” and some party frames.  I will make sure, that your memories will be frozen in time, for you, to relive them again and again, for generations so come.

My approach is an artistic but natural, unstated style that stands the test of time.

You will receive up to 500+ pictures, all edited and retouched, an online gallery for you to show & share with guests and friends. The turnaround and delivery will take up to 3 weeks after your wedding. Through the entire preparation time, I will be there to advise and answer any questions you might have. I HEART

I offer full day wedding documentations around Hamburg, Europe & Cape Town.


 Do you wanna get married in a special, intimate and unconventional kind of way ? do something outstanding and adventurous without having to plan an entire wedding? Dreaming of an adventure of a lifetime with just you and your partner? May be traveling to your dream location or just get hitched on a roof top in your town full of intimate moments? That’s what we call “ELOPE” . If you want skip the traditional wedding and just be the two of you, than this is your thing. Elopements are the new thing if you want to avoid all the wedding expenses and get more for yourself out of that thing called getting married. Intimate, personal, unconventional, easy or exotic, I can provide an incredible documentation of this modern way of celebrating your Love.

I will be there to document your special day in the same way I do weddings, the couple shoot will be celebrated even more intense, and once in a lifetime, super intimate pictures will be taken on this occasion.  I offer special, individual pricing for this kind of service. Just let me know your plans and dreams and we will mold our service around your needs.

engagement &

couple shoots

Ever wanted some high end, professional, once in a lifetime pictures , showing the intimacy and love you share with your partner ? Come together & capturing only the two of you.  If you want to tell a little story or just want to have some fun,  outstanding frames . From Home stories to styled, we can do it all. These kind of shoots take either a couple of hours or half a day, depending on what you want achieve.  Just let me know your vision, I `m here to help with setting up, clothing and make up if you wish.  Having some professional pictures of you as a couple is by itself a wonderful adventure and you will have some awesome artistic & unique frames to show. 






Are you a Store owner?  running a Label and need to get some high end fashion frames for your Webpage or Social media? Coming from the fashion and advertising industry and being an art director and stylist for over 15 years , I can help you with a full service of production, organizing make up and creative development if needed. Look books, fashion editorials or portfolio fashion shoots are my specialty.  Just Get in touch and lets brainstorm. You will gain loads of high end pictures, free to use for advertising, social media & web appearance

For all small or bigger business owners, who need Portraits & lifestyle pictures to use for webpages, advertising & social media. Let me know your needs and visions and we will develop a plan together and make it happen.  Professional, high end pictures, retouched and ready to use for all your publishing needs are guaranteed.

portrait & lifestyle shoots

for web & social media

coming soon . . .

Are you a Bride to be ? Keen to get some insights and advise on whats  happening on a wedding day and how to prepare for a great, happy and easy flowing day? Me, being a woman, stylist, makeup artist and having an exclusive insight through my work as a wedding photographer, I became an expert for brides to be.

Lets talk about all the stuff that's working, from shoes to lashes, from smiles to tears,  corsages to comfort, from Boho to Disney princess, about big vials and open hair to brids maids and high expectations. The list is endless  . . 

A podcast for all brides to be!   is coming soon, I am working on it, for you and an even greater experience getting hitched