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Portfolio Shoot Lilly

I usually know or meet my protagonist before taking pictures of them. I like to interpret their character, try to stay true to what they really are. Lilly was styled, hair & makeup and of cause directed & framed by me. This is how and where all my talents come together in a natural way.

// portrait photography Cape Town // Portfolio photography Cape Town // Character faces framed // lifestyle Photography // Styling & Makeup Rebecca von Rehn


Shadows & Wind

sometimes I just feel like I want to shoot. I constantly see corners I pass by and think: damn that would be nice to have someone right there. And sometimes, I do just that, go back and shoot what I had invisionde before & some more // here with beautiful Michaela, who stood the wind and the pierching sun for some artistic fun frames. Always worth going out for a shoot in Cape Town // Model Portfolio shoot // Fashion Shoot // Fashion Model shoot // lifestyle Photography by Rebecca von Rehn // Styling & makeup - direction & of cause photography by me.

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Hey Chap

Modelporfolio shoot Hamburg // Mens fashion Shoot Hamburg // lifestyle photography by Rebecca von Rehn
Denis by Kult was my companion for an afternoon stroll around my favorite corners of town. I love harsher light & lines, and definitely someone who likes to play along, jump into a rol, a setting, an idea in front of my camera. Styling, direction, grooming & of cause pictures by me //



Character story shot by Rebecca von Rehn // Lifestyle & Fashion photography //
this time I grabbed my friend Aljosha, who was so often miss interpreted by most of the pictures he had done for money. I wanted to capture HIM. One afternoon in Cape Town, wind and my favorite car, the sea & just some spare time, how I love these pictures. Portrait photography styling & art direction & of cause pictures by me

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Berlin you strange beauty

Model Portfolio shoot Berlin // portrait photography Rebecca von Rehn // Jacob had to reset all his model posing for me & instead had to be calm, relaxed and simply his beautiful self. I don´t like Berlin, but I damn sure love to shoot in almost every corner of this town.
styling & grooming of cause, again by me, myself and authentic me :-)


modern bridal fashion

you know, I dream of real modern brides, women who use their creativity and stay true to themselves & their uniqueness. I do not believe in spending 5K on a wedding dress that is way out of your budget & far away of what you are as a person, but it´s every bodys choice of cause. I will keep on shooting stuff that is close to the girl I am, and the things I believe in, as in wearable Bridal fashion or unconventional modern bridal wear. . . more soon when in Cape Town // Bridal Fashion // Brautmoden Shooting Hamburg // modern bridal fashion shoot // Hair & maekup & styling & photogrpahy by me of cause // modern bridal fashion shoot